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Barry Maher is a product of the University of Notre Dame, the Graduate Journalism Program at U.C. Berkeley and five confused weeks at The Whopper College of the Burger King Corporation. In his misspent youth, he was an award-winning poet (the award was seven copies of a xeroxed "literary" publication), his non-fiction appeared in perhaps a hundred different magazines and, in order to eat, he held nearly that many different jobs. Sometimes he lived on the beach. Not in a house on the beach. On the beach. With the sand and the seagulls. 


Then he started his own marketing business. He turned out to be good at it. Soon, he was an executive in a Fortune 100 conglomerate. Companies started asking him to consult. They started paying him to speak at their meetings. To his great surprise, nobody asked for their money back. He built a multimillion dollar business telling stories to business and non-business audiences across the country and around the world: his client list a Who’s Who of multi-national corporations and leading associations.


You may have seen Barry on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News or CNBC and he’s been featured in publications and websites ranging from The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal to, his persona favorite, Funeral Service Insider.


We should also mention Barry’s been incarcerated twice. Once for not making a left hand turn out of a left hand turn lane, and once for aiding and abetting a loiterer. He’s deeply repentant.

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