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Motivational speaker Barry Maher on stage

High Praise for Barry Maher and His Presentations

“Amazing, captivating, entertaining and more . . . absolutely marvelous. We have had many speakers, but never any like BARRY!  We will invite him back again next year.”
     —Vanessia Arnold, Comptroller, Titan Industrial

“[Barry] did a fantastic job for ISSA and our members. The [over 200] evaluations reflected a near perfect score! We look forward to working with [him] in the months and years ahead.”
     —Anthony Trombetta, Director of Membership and Education, ISSA


“The absolutely perfect choice as our keynote speaker . . . I can’t tell you how delighted I was . . . [the] presentation really motivated our attendees.”
     —Sharon Palmer, Events Manager, Professional Photographers of America

“A huge hit . . . the hit of our conference’s 14 speakers.”
     —Barnaby Conrad, Director, SBWC


“Of all the keynote speakers I have listened to over the past 20+ years of my career, none were as stimulating, motivational, or as purely entertaining as Barry.”
     —John Chatterley, Director, Benchmark Portal

"One of the most highly-rated keynote speakers, workshop leaders and trainers in the country."

ns—Kirvana Productions


“We had a great time . . . my CIO was particularly pleased with [the] message . . . kudos! Fantastic job!”
     —Jay Kottler, Johnson & Johnson


“Barry’s high-energy sessions generated a great buzz for our entire conference program. Our attendees pay for each session they attend and to have them talking about Barry’s [sessions] for days is high praise indeed. He will be back!”
     —Allan Heydorn, Conference Chairman, Cygnus Business Expositions


“One of the very best in the business.”
     —LA Travel Promotion Association


“On September 1st, I was called by my headquarters to attend a seminar on September 2nd . . . Normally I wouldn’t accept such short notice. But [when I found out] the speaker was Barry Maher, I changed all my plans and made sure to attend.”
     —Colonel Abdul Razak Alshahwarzi, Commander Royal Cavalry of Oman


“Inspirational, motivating and entertaining! A must-see [packed with] take home instruction that can be used immediately!”
     —Penny Marchell, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


“[Barry was] fabulous . . . at the end of our conference – a tough time when all are tired and ready to go home. [He pumped] energy back into the room.  I had so many people come up to me afterwards to tell me how great the session was.  So thanks for helping us end the conference with so many happy attendees.”
     —Shawn Conrad, Executive Director, International Parking Institute.


“The conference attendees included professionals in the meetings and hospitality industry who attend many meetings throughout the year. They are a hard group to please, but [Barry] made the connection and each benefited greatly . . . Participants were thrilled with [his] ability to make them laugh and enjoy the program: with specific tactics and strategies that each can apply in their work and daily lives . . . a great speaker.”
     —Margaret Gonzales, CEO, International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals


“An uplifting experience and a pleasure . . exactly what our group was in need of. After the meeting everyone kept raving about how wonderful and invigorating [Barry’s] speech was.”
     —Chrissy Whicker, First Greensboro Home Equity


“Great feedback: one person even said, ‘This event changed my life.’ That is GREAT! Thanks so much.”
     —Jessica LeFur, Senior Director, OSI Pharmaceuticals


“We had amazing feedback! . . . The staff is already asking when [Barry] will be returning”
     —Jennifer Kornreich, Human Resources Officer, Bank of Hapoalim


“The perfect way to kick off the second day of the annual conference . . . [attendees] asked if [Barry] worked in our industry as he made a point of customizing the presentation to the group . . . many people noted Barry as “one of the best presenters I have seen” . . .   We look forward to having Barry come back again in the future.”
     —Kim O’Shea, Executive Director, Affordable Housing Management Association


“The votes have been counted, and [Barry’s presentation] was the highlight of the meeting for everyone. From an age group that can often lean toward negativity, the praise for his session was unanimous. [It was] so customized to Occu-Med . . . right on point with what we needed.”
     —James A. Johnson, CEO, Occu-Med


“Barry Maher is a fountain of insight, fun and inspiration. The ATMIA held a team building exercise for international staff in Las Vegas recently and he enlightened and energized us all. Highly recommended.”
     —Michael Lee, CEO, ATMIA


“[His] presentation was a perfect fit for our ‘Wireless, Borderless, Limitless’ [conference] . . . it will not soon be forgotten. I have taken great delight in re-telling the ‘rhino in the well’ story.”
     —Dave Goddard, meeting planner, Simba Information, Inc.


“Barry Maher is a man of many parts. They all seem to come together when he’s in front of an audience. By the time he finished talking . . . they were leaning forward in their seats, riveted. The stories he used to illustrate his points made it clear that he’s a first-rate storyteller. The ideas rang true, attesting to his years of practical experience . . . It’s safe to say the software executives were thoroughly sold.”
     —Notre Dame Magazine


“Thank you for fitting West Star into [Barry’s] schedule on such short notice. Our group really enjoyed the presentation and everyone came to me with comments afterwards ranging from “great presenter” to “awesome presentation, I learned a lot of new ideas.” [Our] team was entertained, invigorated and challenged . . . and all of them re-entered their responsibilities with the right focus and energy.”
     —Rick Brainard, Vice President Sales, West Star Aviation


“That was the most valuable and entertaining presentation I’ve attended at a conference!”
     —Janet Valasek, Training Manager, Barnes & Thomburg


“An OUTSTANDING job . . . Never once did I hear Barry use any [industry] term and [he] used many, in such a way as to indicate he did not anything about our industry.  [He did his] homework and we appreciate all the preparation. It made the presentation feel like it was custom designed for our specific industry.”
     —Brent Hall, Distributors Council


“With his new book, Filling the Glass, set to become a bestseller, Barry Maher is a man we may soon be hearing a lot about.”
     —Decision: Ireland’s National Business Review


“On behalf of the CWSL Staff Development Committee, I would like to thank Barry for the wonderful presentation. [He] was funny, innovative and very educational. The audience participation was fun and many really came out of their shells. The presentation was really formatted to our needs and the phrases Barry used really touched our audience. [He made] the overall presentation easy to relate to.”
     —Pam Tait, CME, California Western School of Law


“Great information . . . I learned a great deal and am excited about sharing it with my staff.”
     —Veronica Walsh, President, Planning the Globe


“I can’t believe how much they loved Barry’s presentation. It was a honor to bring such a well-received speaker to them.”
     —Shari Ross Altarac, Speakers Platform Bureau


“Maher is gaining fame, [he’s] inspiring . . . and often hilarious.”
     —Niche Magazine


“It was fantastic! It really hit home.”
     —Gregg Harris, Noble Search


“Barry Maher is a great speaker!”
     —Sue VanCurler, RMA Coordinator, GE

“Barry Maher—EXCELLENT”
     —Richard Joseph, Cruise Director, Princess Cruises

“Outstanding . . . I find it more and more challenging selecting speakers who can truly make an impact on my audience . . . it was great to hear people laugh and react to Barry the way they did, [with his] ability to reach out and provide them with something they can use in their everyday life, be it work or personal . . . [He’s] the consummate professional.”
     —Bob  Dorsa, President, American Credit Union Mortgage Association

“I loved it. High energy, group involvement, it really got the blood flowing! Thanks so much for a great session.”
     —Tracie Christie, the National Asphalt Pavement Association


“Strategies that will help owners, managers and staff achieve maximum results in both business and in life.”
     —Canadian Retail Hardware Association

“[Barry’s] presentations are exceptional”
     —Andrea L. Martin, Executive Director, Caribbean Cable & Telecommunications Association.


“A great and valuable experience!!”
     —Agnieszka Kotlewska, Global Pricing & Market Access, Roche Ltd.


“I have received nothing but positive comments about [Barry’s] engagement. I am so pleased . . . [Many] said he was the best motivational speaker they had heard. In fact, our controller summed up the whole meeting as ‘the best management meeting I’ve been to in 20 years!'”
     —Mindy Pistol, Human Resources Manager, Intertek


“Had attendees laughing, thinking and ready to venture forth and learn . . . wonderful . . .  I would highly recommend Barry Maher.”
     —Karen Fox, PPWC


“Barry’s session was the highlight of the day!”
     —Jacque Reid, Administrative Director, LJS FAB


“[An] enlightening, inspiring and highly entertaining program presented by one of the very best in the business.”
     —Trade Show Exhibitors Association


“Great presentation! [The] mixture of multiple types of humor with serious topics important to a variety of audiences (basically any organization that wants to be successful) was terrific!”
     —Jeff  Slepin, MD, MBA, Executive Vice President, EmCare Emergency Medicine


“[Barry] helped make our conference an overwhelming success. . . On the evaluation, attendees [rated him] Excellent . . . Comments [included]:

  • Very entertaining and insightful.

  • Lots of meat—easily presented.

  • I connected emotionally to his message about change.

  • Helpful for business and for life.

  • Right on and much to the point.

  • Motivating.

  • Excellent keynoter.

We look forward to having [him] speak at future ICCA events.”
     —Joyce Burkard, Executive Director, Independent Computer Consultants Association


“A wonderful presentation”
     —Randy Norwood, Session Chairman, Independent Payroll Providers Association

“The attendees loved it . . It was a great [presentation] and loads of fun!”
     —Melanie Ryan, Senior Director, Orbitz


“A great success.”
     —Cassie Slye, Educational Program Coordinator, Global Business Travel Association


“We’re hearing wonderful feedback on [Barry’s] presentation . . . His engaging style and group interaction kept everyone on their toes. We were honored to have him there.”
     —Deanna Bakkan,  Strom Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dickinson State University


“[Barry] had attendees on their feet and cheering”
     —Valerie Cooper, Executive Director, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association


“The best speaker thus far . . . really held everyone’s interest.”
     —Colleen Hills, Human Resource Coordinator, Eye Care & Visions Associates


“Exceptional . . .  everyone has told me it was one of the most informative and entertaining training sessions they’ve experienced. I will be sure to call [Barry] next time”
     —John Pechota, Director of Marketing, International Institute of the Americas


“Barry ‘wowed em’ at our meeting.  He was very professional, engaging, funny and right on with our themes . . . A great job.”
     —Brian Hitzky, Wells Fargo


“Our conference was a success primarily because of [Barry’s] opening presentation. Thanks again.”
     —Yogesh Marimuthu, CEO, Shangri-La Tea Co., Inc.


“I particularly appreciated the high level of professionalism that [Barry] demonstrated in researching information about our show, attendees and industry to ensure that the message was appropriate for the audience.”
     —Annette Maggs, CAE, CRHA


“A wonderful presenter. [Barry’s] sessions were the high point of the conference.”
     —Karen Hutchinson, Executive Director, International Society of Weighing & Measurement


“[These were] relevant, important topics for our partners and we’ve heard great feedback.”
     —Heide Schroeder, Deloitte


“On behalf of the Dairy, Deli, Bakery Council, I would like to thank Barry for his fun, energetic and insightful presentation. [It] hit home on many levels of our business, including sales, management, motivation, working with others and change . . . I would highly recommend Barry to speak to and motivate your group!”
     —John Romano, Unified Grocers


“Everything was great! I’m very impressed.”
     —Paresh Yoshi, Stagekraft, Mumbai, India


“Barry Maher was entertaining, engaging, and full of valuable insight. [He] really got our dealers thinking.”
     —Jeff Savell, Business Development Manager, Rhino Linings, USA, Inc.

“On behalf of the Directors of the Association and every member and guest . . . please accept our appreciation and congratulations for a superb presentation as [our] featured speaker. We heard nothing but complimentary words about [the keynote].”
     —Larry Angove, CEO, Association of Directory Publishers


“A great job . . . we can’t imagine a better way to close our week.”
     —Keith Ogulnick, TS2, The Trade Show About Trade Shows


“A home run.  [Barry’s] customized presentation for our operations personnel was very entertaining, and they all came away with some great tips and a new way of thinking about their interactions within and without the company.”
     —Chris Parsons, COO, Five Point Capital


“Enlightening, entertaining, humorous and inspiring . . .  We have a tough group of people in the construction/engineering industry yet Barry had them eating out of the palm of his hand.  .  .  a super shot of adrenalin [for] positively promoting employee attitudes”
     —Kirk Bechtold, Vice President, Brinderson

“Our corporate staff has been energized and the attendees are still buzzing about [Barry’s] comments . . . a great program!”
     —Dennis Laventure, VP Marketing, Country Kitchens International

“As a veteran of many professional presentations . . .  and a picky person—excellence is the standard—I thought Barry offered tremendous value.  The thing he did that differentiated him from the pack was that he made me think.”
     —Ann E. Ladd, Business Development Manager, Datis Payroll Processing


“Managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales and advertising people from all over the globe . . .  were more than satisfied . . . they were highly inspired and entertained [while their issues] were effectively address[ed]. In all, a very satisfying Sunday and a very inspiring day.”
     —Anita Joseph, Times News Service


“Great job! Entertaining, informative . . . hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future.”
     —Jim Anderson, CEO, California Society of Association Executives


“Terrific. I really appreciated the opportunity to be in the audience.
     —Elise Colson, Palm Springs Convention Center


“I’m really glad we [hired Barry]. I had so many wonderful comments . . . Barry’s talk had the ability to tap into our most skeptical sales representatives . . . [He] energized the entire audience.”
     —Shari Dause, Director of Marketing, TimeMed Labeling Systems, Inc.    


“Simple yet profound. All of those present felt the challenge . . .  the attitudes and self-satisfaction level of many [of them] have greatly improved . . . motivational, inspiration and conversational in that several of the attendees are still discussing topics [Barry] presented.”
     —Julius J. Anderson, Vice President, First Heartland Capital, Inc.


“[Barry’s] advice works and it works well . . . please keep the hits coming.”
     —Hap Ray, Rhino Linings


“[Barry] did a fantastic job . .  . The participants [at the American Bankers Association’s Seminar for Presidents] appreciated the content as well as the style.  [And our] participants tend to grade hard!”
     —Gloria Becker, Vice President, Education, American Bankers Association


“We still often refer to [Barry’s] words of wisdom from last summer . . . Thank you for the training.”
     —Jan Jakubik, Training Manager, Patuxent Directories


“Wonderful presentation . . . insightful and educational . . . filled with ‘golden nuggets’ of information that help me get better, stronger, faster.”
     —Phil Babcock, Checkdate Solutions


“After [Barry inspired our team] there was a dramatic change their attitude and energy level. Thank you.”
     —Nicole Terry, VP Langson Development


“It was great to have a [speaker] who can talk the talk because he’s walked the walk.  [Barry’s] comments were a perfect way to conclude our event – insightful, practical, dead-on, entertaining, and challenging.  Thanks for helping make our Leadership Summit a success.  We’re looking forward to having [him] back.”
     —Abram Andrzejewski, President, American Marketing & Publishing, LLC


“Barry is excellent! I didn’t want it to end!”
     —Gretchen Bacco, Program Development Manager, Inquisit Amerinet


“Entertaining and informative . . . by blending his sharp sense of humor with a series of concrete strategies and tips, Barry hits the mark.”

     —Christopher Hall, Ford Motor Company


“[Barry] was fun, dynamic and enjoyable! [His] enthusiasm and insight inspired my team to start [the new year] with new, exciting strategies.”
    —Sandy Davis, Den-Mat Corporation


“I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding [Barry’s] presentation. We were very pleased with the outcome . . . a great job.”
     —Candace A. Holowicki, Masco Corporation


“Lots of compliments about [Barry’s] presentation. Some had already read parts of [his] book and were ready to make changes.”
     —Chuck Pistor, President, Miracle Method


“Everyone spoke highly of the value of what [Barry] had to say and encouraged [us] to work harder to find more speakers with equally important content for our members.”
     —Greg Rajsky, President, Aluminum Anodizers Council


“I’m confident [Barry’s session] will increase our team’s sales and effectiveness.”
     —Joel Addink, A-G Sod Farms


“An excellent program . . . entertaining and inspiring—[got] the day off to a rousing start!”
     —Joseph Budzinski, Chief Operating Officer, ICCFA


“I love the work that Barry does . . . his topics are right on target.”
     —Kathy Lowe, Training Coordinator, Jackson State University


“Thank you! I look forward to working with [Barry] again really soon! Everyone was raving about [him].
     —Katie Nottage, Sales/Marketing Coordinator, LIBERTY Information Management Solutions


“A very powerful presentation . . . I was struck by [Barry’s] engaging style. Plus [he] didn’t let the reserved-ness of the European audience deter him from delivering a great presentation.”
     —Ade McCormack, columnist, Financial Times


“Entertaining, informative, involving”
     —Emily Berdell, Director of Events, Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania


“[Barry] certainly captured their attention . . . and ably helped us achieve [our] goal.”
     —Malcolm Levy, VP Sales, Comarco Wireless Test Solutions


“Very informative, entertaining [and] a great motivational speaker, thanks again”
     —Roger D. Mucci, Operations Manager, The K & D Group


“A  tremendous success.”
     —Paul Blalock, MJW & Associates Concrete & Masonry


“A great seminar. Loved it!”
     —Karen Emerson, Tranquility Pointe Apartment Homes


“Our management team really enjoyed the [session].  One team member likened it to a business school-level class that he never got to take because he didn’t go to business school.”

     —Kevin Andrade, Senior Managing Director, Trammel Crow Residential

“We have heard nothing but rave reviews about Barry’s session and can’t thank you enough.”
     —Jennifer Duckworth, Director of Eduction, International Spa Association


“Matt, Mark, I and the other executives thank your for the presentation. [Right after the session,] at least a dozen employees made it a point to tell me how much they appreciated the session.  [And Filling the Glass is] the best book I have read in recent memory . . . We are encouraging all our employees to read it . . . Thanks again!
     —David R. Wayman, Director of Operations, TWC Construction, Inc.


“Many thanks to Barry for his wonderful presentation at our conference. He was a big hit with our entire group [who reported] they definitely learned a lot.”
     —Sandy Warren, B&L Information Systems


“[Barry] did an amazing job with our team . . . Thank you very much!”
     —Sara Burgess, the Yellow Pages Group


“[We] got great feedback: One person even said, ‘this event’ changed my life.’ That is GREAT!”
     —Jessica LeFur, Senior Director, OSI Pharmaceuticals


“Thank you for speaking at The Transportation Club of Peoria’s annual dinner. [Everyone was] inspired and entertained by your presentation. You got us thinking and involved . . . Many compliments on how enjoyable the evening was.”.
     —Chris Boyer, President, Transportation Club of Peoria


“Unforgettable . . .  it was already a great meeting [but Barry] took it to an even higher level. Thank you!”
     —Alex Shapiro, Member Coordinator, Society of National Associated Pearle Professionals


“We love Barry’s topics and presentation style . . . [he] received rave reviews.”
     —Rene Soltis, International Vision Expo


“Thank you so much for filling my glass. Anytime I’m given the responsibility of finding a speaker for our group, I feel the pressure of the presenter’s success or failure upon my shoulders. Thanks for making me look good!”
     —Pat Bartsch, Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative

[Barry’s] name is definitely at the top of my list should someone be looking for an excellent speaker . . .  Filled with useful information [his session] will be long remembered . . . It was a great job!”
     —Susan Reuter, President, Reuter Expositions


“Both insightful and entertaining. Personalizing his presentation to target our audience, [he] captured everyone’s interest.”
     —Jane Merder, Director of Human Resources, BR Associates


“Thank [Barry] for giving such an incredible presentation at our convention.   We all really enjoyed it.”
     —Christopher Walsh, Cross Country Ventures


“The attendees loved [Barry] and I would definitely recommend [him] in the future to other groups I work with . . . a great session!”
     —Brenda Baker, President, ATD Management


“Great job, everyone enjoyed the session! Thanks again.”
     —Kerry Elam, Actualize Consulting


“Very informative, entertaining and refreshing . . .  I plan to recommend [Barry] to my marketing team for future Ernst & Young sales and leadership sessions. Thanks again.”
     —Faranak Nagavi, National Director of Sales and Use Taxes, Ernst & Young; Chairperson, Institute for Professionals in Taxation

Excellent job!”
     —Lindsey Green, Event Manager, The Competitive Advantage


“Barry was a HUGE hit last year, and we’d love to have him again this year . . . I’m hoping he’s available.”
     —Mary Mulvaney, Senior Manager, Financial Executives International


“Thank you for making it a great event . . . [Barry’s] presentation was terrific and greatly appreciated . . . Hope to work with [him] again in the future.”
     —Ed Pitock, President, and Norm Bouchard, Society of Certified Senior Advisors


“Everyone enjoyed [Barry’s] presentation . . . We heard nothing but positive comments.”
     —Steve Owens, Mesco Building Solutions


“Great job . . . as evidenced by the standing ovation [and by] how quiet everyone was when [Barry] was speaking . . . everyone was really into it.”
     —Whayne Hougland, Executive Director, Long John Silver’s Franchisee Association


“Barry Maher is excellent. [A full 94% of the evaluations rated the presentation as exceeding their expectations!]”
     —Edward O’Connor, President, TMG International


“Very positive feedback on the presentation . . . a lot of our attendees expressed interest in having [Barry] come back to another of our meetings to speak [again] . . . I will share your name with my peers across our various divisions and companies.”
     —Michael S. Bailey, Senior VP and Laurie Drysdale, Crothall Services


“[Barry was] great! We were a tough group to work with after a big night on Tuesday . . . We really enjoyed Barry!!!”
     —Carey Dimmitt, Marketing Manager, Homrich & Berg, Inc.


“A phenomenal speaker.”
     —Mayra Austin, Operations Manager, Fiesta Insurance


“Insightful and practical [and] energizing . . . a lot of ‘nuts and bolts’ strategies our executive team could apply as they walked out of the room.”
     —John Kuh, Synopsys


“The team certainly enjoyed the presentation and . . . I have already utilized some of the techniques I learned to upsell one of our distributors to 3 pallets of our Cabernet Sauvignon. [The session] made a wonderful impression on [our CEO] ”
     —Rebecca Geschwender, Grgich Hills Estate


“Everyone loved his speech and feels inspired.”
     —Frances Wu, Synopsys


“The feedback I’ve received has been terrific. Well done and many thanks.”
     —Bill Watkin, President, Motor Dealers Association of Ontario


“[Not only] informative and valuable to our members [but] I learned a lot myself.”
     —Patricia Talaska Benson, Director of Educational Services, SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association)


“Thank you for helping make [our] conference the educational event of the year  . . . I will spread the word about Barry Maher.”
     —John Rader, Executive Director, Transportation Sales & Marketing Association


“Outstanding job!”
     —Mitch Anderson, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Milan Express


“Very thought-provoking and engaging . . . Barry’s insightful talk lightened the spirits of our attendees and set [the] tone for our conference.”
     —Steve Ruane, Vice President, IMARK Group


“Amazing presentation . . . thanks for the inspiration!!!”
     —Anthony Caruso, President, CSA Group


“Truly inspiring and full of interesting ideas and approaches”
     —Mark Whitt, Elixir Industries


“We had a great time. It reinforced everything that we learned over the course of the meeting in a very fun, upbeat way.”
     —Michele Greer, Vice President, Business Development, Crescent Healthcare


“I thoroughly enjoyed [Barry’s session]. It set a great tone for the rest of the weekend and really connected with our goals for the future.”

     —Matt Brooks, Integration Manager, Cumming Group


“Uplifting, motivating and entertaining . . . and enjoyed by all.”
     —David Seward, President, National Purchasing Institute


“I heard nothing but praise regarding Barry’s keynote. Thank you so much!”
     —Carma Goin, Executive Director, In-Plant Printing & Mailing  Association


“[Barry’s] message was right on!”
     —Michelle Shwappach, SVP, Bank of America


“It was an honor and a pleasure . . . all of us enjoyed [the] session. We will look forward to more such occasions in the future”
     —Rajesh Raman, Business Manager, Khimji Training Institute


“It was a delight to have [Barry] present!”
     —Kelley Chrouser, Ph.D., Professional Development Program Manager, Association of Legal Administrators


”The examples fit me to a tee . . . I now have a renewed sense of commitment and have begun stepping out of my comfort zone.”
     —Chuck Beyer, Director Business Development, Genco


"What a terrific session!”
     —Carol Anne Nitsche, Karr, Tuttle, Campbell


“It was an absolute pleasure having Barry present to our group. Thank you . . . for everything.”
     —Christina Birkman, Sales Planning Manager, Bugaboo North America


“Great presentation . . . thank you again!”
     —Veanne Lupia, Events Manager, National Shoe Retailers Association


“I heard nothing but great reports from our staff and our client . . . a very valuable, excellent presentation.”
     —John Jenson, Program Manager, RHA, Inc.


“Wonderful job!”
     —Pete Turpel, President, On Hold Messaging Association


“Our members loved Barry’s presentation!”
     —Terry W. Clemans, Executive Director, National Credit Reporting Association


“Barry, you made me look good for sure!!! You got great reviews and everyone could not say enough about you.”
     —Nancy Fedich, CEO, CIS, Inc.


“Great job . . . very worthwhile.”
     —Bill Hurlbert, Regional Business Banking Manager, Wells Fargo


“[Our] team had a great time and thought [the] session was awesome!”
     —Sara Multz, Event Manager, Summit Business Media


“We really appreciated [Barry’s opening presentation] and the value [he] brought to our team. And [he really] set up the sessions that followed.”
     —Brandt Minnich, VP Marketing, Mercury Insurance


“An exceptional program. I look forward to working with you again.”
     —Paul Myers, Education Director, Healthcare Billing & Management Association


“Barry, thank you so much for the fantastic motivational training . . . I’m sure you hear this quite often, but it was truly a great morning and your impressive training and positive thinking was contagious!”
     —Megan Duncan, Kalahari Resorts

“I really enjoyed the session and I know [my team] did also! . . . [It] helped a lot with morale and sales are back in the game.”
     —Sergio Montolfo and Rebecca Campbell, Phillips & King International


“[Barry’s] message always hits home.”
     —Carl Brodarick, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care


“We received nothing but positive feedback [and personally] I picked up some great information and insight.”
     —Deane Silke, Vice President, Fiesta Insurance


“Please thank Barry for doing a great presentation yesterday. The whole group loved it . . . I’m looking forward to seeing him again.”
     —Jennifer Egan, Program Director, the Powder Coating Institute


“It was a privilege to have Mr. Maher present at ISSA/INTERCLEAN and we look forward to working with him again.”
     —Daniel S. Wagner, Director of Facility Service Programs, ISSA


“Great job!”
     —Susan Mammolitti, Trilogy Leasing


“[My team] got a lot out of it and we’ll be calling on Barry again.”
     —Abner Sounenberg, AMCO Marketing & Management


“Great feedback. Hopefully, the team is motivated and ready to conquer the world!”
     —Nancy Ozois, BSQUARE Corporation


“On behalf of the board of VRHP, thank you for the wonderful session. We received many compliments and rave reviews.”

     —Michelle Layne, VRHP Board


“Thank Barry for doing such a great job . . . I made a wise choice, eh?”
     —Fred Clements, Executive Directory, National Bicycle Dealers Association


“I am so excited!!! I really enjoyed him, he had such a NEVER forget speech!!”
     —Kimberly Hurd, Engatech


“The Best . . . Great evaluation scores across the board. I know how much time goes into a presentation. The results proved the preparation.”
     —Bill Wade, Service Specialists Association

“FANTASTIC presentation. I’ve received tons of amazing feedback . . . Everyone loved Barry . . . his approach was extremely effective and fun.”
     —Jennifer Bulvanoski, Director, A&E Television Networks


“[Barry had such] large, enthusiastic audiences. We certainly want to have him back.”
     —Bruce Allar, VP Meetings & Conferences, MacFadden ProTech

“The evaluations looked great!”
—Linda Keith, VP, International Pizza Expo


“Thank you, Barry, for such an informative, practical and entertaining presentation at the FEI Summit in Phoenix.”
     —Mark Myers, Area Director, Financial Executives International


“[Barry’s] presentation was wonderful . . . just great!”
     —Laurie Johne, Lakeshore Management


“An outstanding presentation . . . really got our members up and moving – both physically and mentally! I hope to work with you again soon!”
     —Louann Cashill, Meeting Professionals International Southern California


“I received terrific feedback from my group regarding the presentation. They very much enjoyed it and hopefully they will continue to benefit from it in the long term.”
     —Trudy Levindofske, Executive Director, Orange County Bar Association


“The best motivator we’ve ever had at our convention!”
     —Tony Tortorici, IPCPR

Thank you so much for bringing such a great program to the HRO Forum. [Barry] was a great addition! We look forward to including [him] in future programs.”
     —Dawn Pratt, Event Manager, SHAREDXPERTISE


“Outstanding job on both sessions!”
     —Steven Dishon, Regional Manager, CAS Scale Corporation


“Everyone had a great time and I received many comments after the event from those who especially enjoyed [the session].”
     —Ryan Pape, CEO XPEL Technologies


“Barry was wonderful as always . . . a delight.”
     —Jill Wilson, Training Manager, Tamarack Property Management

“It was a pleasure having [Barry] there. The purpose of the meeting was to give our people a boost just before the busy holiday period . . . they all went away pumped up and [we’re looking] forward to future success based on [Barry’s] input and inspiration.”
     —Peter Callender, Freedom Wireless


“The webinar was great!”
     —Mary Ann Passi, Executive Director, Corporate Housing Providers Association


“Great feedback [and] I hope our paths cross again in the future! Great job!”
     —Chris Collinson, Destiny Kosarick, Collinson Media & Events


“All of our attendees loved Barry.”
     —Marla Alexander, Wipfli


“I have had nothing but great comments about Barry and his talk.  [He’s] a class act and a great guy. I would most certainly recommend Barry to anyone that I know.”
     —Darrell Pelotte, Program Development, Gagne & Sons


“Everyone was talking about [Barry] Maher. Not only did the presentation set a great tone for the day, the next presenter referred back to a lot of the things Barry said and reinforced his message.”
     —Dawn Railey, National Security and Building Services


“Thank [Barry] for the wonderful keynote . . . and making our conference a success! We appreciate the time and effort he put into [customizing] it and we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback!”
     —Sara Sanderman, VP of Program Development, Association of Equipment Management Professionals


“WOW! [Barry’s presentation] was sure fun and enlightening.”
     —Pam Creef, Sun Realty


“Our attendees really enjoyed the presentation . . . I will definitely refer [Barry] to others.”
     —Annie Wiest, Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare


“Great results! Barry was the opening Keynote Speaker for the 2013 CAPPO Conference. [And it was] a great kickoff to the weeklong conference.”
     —Craig Rader, California Association of Public Procurement Officials


“[Barry was] fantastic! I received such great feedback from our members. They loved [his] humor and [the] strategies. Many, many thanks.”
     —Courtney Frazier, Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association


“A great success. Everyone enjoyed [the session] . . . energetic, interactive and insightful . . . high energy [and] humor rich.”
     —Ohio Valley Business Travel Association


“[Barry’s] presentation was right on the mark, humorous and engaging, [generating] nothing but positive comments. I’m glad we had the opportunity to collaborate on this year’s sales meeting.”
     —Cindy Kransler, Director of Utility Sales, Badger Meter


“I am so thankful that [Barry] was available for our event. Our group truly enjoyed the session The feedback from the members and the partners alike was very complimentary. Thanks for making [our meeting] a success!”
     —DeDe Drenning, CLM, Meagher & Geer


“It was great!”
     —Michael Moran, VP Sales and Operations, Interim HealthCare, Inc.


“We were  very impressed [and] we’ve heard very positive comments.”
     —Gary Abeyta, Partner, CMI Resources, Veterinary Specialists in Private Practice


“What a way to end our conference! [Barry got] rave reviews from our attendees . . .Thank you so much for such a dynamic, animated and enjoyable presentation [that] really made me think about people’s attitudes, including my own.”
     —Kathy Kyllonen and Grace A. Koch, BSN, Oregon Medical Case Management Group


“Thank you again so very much. We have been receiving wonderful feedback . . . We are already discussing inviting Barry back this fall!”
     —Deborah Villa, Concur Technologies, Inc.


“I would recommend [Barry] to anyone looking for a speaker! We loved [him] . . . and we took away great things.”
     —Jillian Bedrosian, Bedrosian Tile and Stone


“[Barry] left all of us with “gold nuggets.”
     —Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting


“Barry made me look great in front of our association members, my thanks for that”
     —Jamie Hartnett, Executive Director, Hawaiian Association of Broadcasters


“I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from the group! Thank [Barry] again for speaking for us and keeping as lively as always!  I’m hoping we can make this a reoccurring event”
     —Jessica Davis, San Diego Business Travel Association.


“The caliber of [the] presentation guaranteed our success.”
     —Janet Trautwein, CEO, National Association of Health Underwriters


“Very illuminating and yet great fun, too . . . Thanks for an uplifting time.”
     —Michael Lee, CEO, ATMIA


“Everyone had a very good time and thought Barry was wonderful! . . . I can’t wait to read his book!!!”
     —Sunni Van Ham, RGO Office Products


“[Our] teams had a great time and I have received nothing but favorable feedback.”
     —Jennifer Line, Sales Director, The Irvine Company


“Both thought provoking and enjoyable . . . thank Barry for a great presentation”
     —Dan Shea, East Bay Independent Insurance Agents Association


“Our attendees loved [Barry’s] session!”
     —Paula Lyden, Education Director, Credit Union Association of New Mexico


“[It was] much appreciated!”

     —Randy Burkholder Vice President for Business Development, Epiq Systems


“A great seminar! Thanks again.”
     —Cornell W. Robinson, Membership & Education Coordinator, National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association


“I hope [Barry] had as much fun as [the] audience did.”
     —Patrick Harrell, Director, Affiliate Sales and Marketing, the Outdoor Channel


As for Attendee Comments (and these are typical, not exceptions):

► “Barry is fantastic! He makes you want to do better.”
► “Phenomenal!”

► “Great session! Tools I can use tomorrow.”

► “Best speaker I ever heard at this show.”

► “Outstanding—Seriously!”

► “Great sense of humor!!”

► “Could have spent all day on this.”

►”I loved the stories . . . by far the best speaker I’ve seen at this convention!”

► “Engaging, entertaining. I enjoyed how he was able to draw his audience into full participation.”

► “Mr. Maher did a fantastic job of waking me up to the realities of my life! Thank you, Mr. Maher.”

► “Barry Maher is a compelling teacher who engages the audience to demonstrate the great impact even slight changes in delivery can have on achieving positive outcome.”

► “Inspiring and uplifting.”

► “The quality of information [was] as good as that our CEO pays big bucks for . . . It could not have been better.”

► “Great way to start off the conference.”

► “Very interactive and comfortable. Picked up great tips.”

► “Left me with a lot to think about. Barry had a great personal connection with attendees.”

► “I took lots of notes!”

► “Great tools . . . high energy.”

► “Very stimulating, very motivational.”

► “Challenged traditional thinking”

► “Excellent insight. Gave wonderful tools for actual real life situations. Made me aware of things I was doing and why I was not getting the results I wanted.”

► “Will help me not only in the workplace but in my personal life.”

► “Excellent examples, helped everyone to understand clearly . . . exciting.”

► “We need this kind of inspiring, motivating speaker at each meeting!”

► “Great insight.”

► “Inspirational, motivational and thought provoking”

► “Wonderful information—great speaker!”

► “A very, very, very fine presentation.”

►”Barry Maher was great! I’ve resolved to [do things that] I do not think would have happened without that hour he spoke.”

► “Perfect!”

► “Thanks for making us think”

► “The best speaker of the conference!”

► “Amazing job.”

► “This was the best course and best speaker I have heard . . a must-hear!”

► “Inspirational and stress relieving.

► “Worth taking the late flight home.”

► “Excellent! Barry should have been the opening speaker!”

► “Awesome!”

► “[Barry] was real, he shared real stories and I felt as if I could immediately put his helpful advice into action.”

► “Loved every minute of it”

► “Very uplifting.”

► “[A] pleasure to listen to . . . Expert words of guidance.”

► “The presentation was fabulous!”

► “Everyone can benefit from seminars such as this one. Thank you.”

► “Great way to open the conference!”

► “Barry Maher was captivating, funny and informative. A great speaker!”

► “Barry Maher is very funny, witty and entertaining.”

► “[The] best course I have been to.”

► “Mr. Maher was wonderful.”

► “Fun, informative and motivational!”

► “I loved it.”

► “Can he do all our sessions?”

► “The best [session] I have attended since [the company] began having them.”

► “I really enjoyed Barry’s presentation! [His] approach was realistic, I have been through other sessions . . . and typically they were not realistic. [It] was a pleasure to meet and hear him.”

► “Just what I needed to hear.”

► “Barry Maher is great fun!”

► “What a fantastic speaker. Lots of tips and insights and he held our attention late in the day.”

► “It was a privilege to be in this session.”

► “Barry was at his best . . . communication between the speaker and the audience makes all the difference.”

These are typical attendee comments: 10 out of 10, 5 out of 5 and 4 out of 4 are by far the most common rating.
(All these and hundreds of similar comments are on file.)

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